Retraite 16 t/m 24 november 2019 Kroatië

Retraite Kroatië 16 t/m 24 november

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Full week yoga retreat: Alignment of your body and your state of mind

Deepen your personal practice on the physical, mental and spiritual level. The aim of this retreat is going deeper into the meditation and understanding the impact of your state of mind. You will gain more knowledge on how your own body is functioning and understand the alignment of your body and your state of mind. 

Body is an expression of the inner state of mind. Yoga is helping you to be more calm and gentle throughout your own process. When the state of mind gets more calm due to meditation, then the reaction and alignment with your body occurs naturally.

In this week we will study the second chapter of Patanjali and will be working towards our own inner peace and silence. How to live in the moment and go inside.  You will see that the alignment of the asanas will come more naturally and smoothly. You will feel the logic of the connection between your thinking and the experience in your body and understand how they interact.

We like to welcome you at our beautiful yoga study center, away from your everyday obligations. In a pleasant, safe and caring environment, where everything you might need will be provided.

There are only 16 spots available!

When: November 16th to 24th 2019

Where: Surya International Yoga Study Center

Price: € 850 

The retreat consists of:

Arrival day (Saturday, November 16th)

7 full course days 

Departure day (Sunday, November 24th)

The retreat starts with dinner and a gathering with introduction meeting in the evening of the arrival day. The next morning the practice starts.

A usual day at the retreat looks like this:

06:00-06:30 meditation

06:30-8:30 asanas

08:30- 09:00 breathing excercises/pranayama

09:00-09:30 meditation

short tea break

09:40-10:30 lecture/satsang

11:00 breakfast

free time

14:30-16:30 asanas & meditation

17:00 dinner

19:00-21:00 lecture/satsang

The morning practice is dynamic and challenging. We are discovering the possibilities of the body and play with the physical/mental borders. Always with respect for what is possible or not. The challenge is to play, not to reach the final pose. We will talk about the logic behind the poses and of the body, the effect and the purpose of the practical part of the Ashtanga yoga. What is the cause of limitation and how can we overcome this limitation. Why do we function the way we do. There is a perfect philosophy which is based on ages of experience of the yogi’s.

The afternoon practice serves as a preparation for meditation and the sitting pose. It focuses on opening the hips and the pelvis. We will dive into the philosophy of the yoga practice and due to that we will understand what meditation is and what it can bring us. It is a journey to our inner self. To become a human as we are meant to be.

Questions are always welcome and the lectures are interactive.

This retreat will be a challenge for those who are already practicing for a while and are looking for more. Those who are curios about the background of what yoga really is. Those with serious medical problems should consult a doctor for advice.

The program finishes on Sunday November 24th at 10 a.m. (after breakfast). 

Price includes:

• 8 nights accommodation

• welcome dinner

• 2 meals per day

• breakfast on the departure day

• yoga classes

• meditation classes

• lectures

• individual talks and consultations

• assistance with traveling arrangements

• support throughout the retreat

• tourist tax

• guided walk/hike

Price does NOT include travel expenses.

Airport pick-up and drop-off can be arranged at an additional cost.

Language: English


For more information and applications feel free to contact:

Ana Mikac: +385953886048

Facebook: @SuryaIYSC

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